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Boise – HomePlate
Known primarily as a commodity company, Boise Cascade (now Boise) was moving into more value-added products. Boise invested in a new siding technology that combines recycled plastic and wood to produce a high performance product without glues or harmful additives. Because builders and home buyers are sceptical when it comes to changing from established products, the project team and company management needed to more fully understand the needs of consumers and decision makers to overcome their resistance.
A research and discovery phase helped the client understand needs, expectation and barriers to change. These insights were key to crafting the marketing strategy and tools needed to bring the new product to market. And in a company with limited experience in marketing value-added products, it was also important to sell the strategy internally.

We developed the name HomePlate to communicate the qualities of strength and protection. The brand positioning and the name were the basis of the marketing tagline and theme - Building protection. We built a marketing plan and created a variety of marketing and technical materials, both print and online. These materials created consumer confidence by answering questions and highlighting the extensive testing and research that has been done on this product.

Brand research methodology, brand positioning, name strategy and creation, tagline development, strategic design direction, marketing plan, writing of marketing and technical materials, brand coaching to senior management

Watt International, Toronto



Creating a new product in the building category presents many challenges. A risk averse market wants the "latest and greatest" - as long as it's been around for thirty years. A clear brand and communications based on buyers needs helped introduce HomePlate to the market.