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Fleming College
To attract students as well as donor and government support in a competitive post-secondary education environment, Fleming College (formerly Sir Sanford Fleming College) needed to differentiate itself. Equally important, it needed to reach beyond its traditional geographic catchments areas. To achieve these two important objectives, the college engaged us to help align their brand to resonate with the needs and expectations of the target audiences.

Fleming College wanted to create a brand identity that reflects the school's commitment to become recognized as a leading choice for post-secondary education in a number of specific program areas. Equally important, they wanted to solve the problems of a "legacy" name that was cumbersomely long and an internal program naming protocol that was ad hoc, because the resulting proliferation of departments, institutes and centres caused confusion.

We worked with the Fleming management team to develop a communications and brand strategy. The position was embodied in the tagline Experience. Success. The new brand identity captures the dual facets of its new positioning. The simple, bold identity, with its motif of knowledge leading into the future, forms the basis of a flexible system. We also created a brand architecture structure and process for the college.

The launch of the new identity in 2004 personalized the experience for all stakeholders and gave them tangible examples of the new look and symbol.

Brand positioning, brand and name rationalization and brand architecture, tagline development, strategic design direction

Ove Design & Communications, Harry Cornelius/Sideren



Building a brand promise that conveys the benefits of the college in a very competitive environment and expressed that promise in a meaningful way to the target audience - Experience. Success.


"Before the launch there were many skeptics who questioned what we were doing. Now everyone has jumped on board."

Lori Humphrey, Director of Communications