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McCarthy Tétrault
The world of legal services is changing. Major law firms are consolidating. Clients are no longer loyal to one firm but choose the best team for a particular legal matter. Senior in-house counsel in large organizations have become very savvy buyers of legal services. There is intense pressure on fees and on demonstrating value. And there is a war for talent - both students and lateral hires.

In this environment, McCarthy Tétrault, Canada's pre-eminent and first truly national law firm, has pursued significant changes in the way it is organized and managed. To reflect these structural changes and their value to key audiences - existing and potential clients in Canada and off-shore; lateral hire and student recruits; and partners, associates and staff - McCarthy Tétrault undertook a review of its brand. The objective was to more clearly articulate its value proposition and identify key channels through which to bring the brand alive.

The new reflects a thorough understanding of the full range of client expectations and needs. The project included a significant commitment to internal engagement and alignment. We developed a process that was inclusive across all offices of the firm and all employees, from partners to associates and staff. We also undertook research with clients and law students and reviewed proprietary third party research to develop the insights on which the brand is built.

The result of our positioning work is a clear, compelling and shared statement of the value proposition of the firm, based on evidence from multiple sources. This positioning became the basis for a set of brand tools that communicate, through many channels, what McCarthy Tétrault is, what it does and what it says.

Brand strategy and positioning, brand research methodology, brand identity direction, brand alignment, facilitation

Ove Design & Communications, Mary Jane Braide, Allen Research Corporation




In the new world of top-tier legal services a firm must communicate and prove the full value what it offers. A brand process based on partner and employee engagement and alignment helped focus and communicate that value.


"Lee Jacobson has guided McCarthy Tétrault through a challenging... exhaustive and demanding brand exercise that included internal and external research with many of the firm stakeholders and also an educational and engagement component.

Lee's flexibility and deep knowledge of branding was essential to the success of the initiative. He was also able to interact in a very constructive way with a highly demanding and critical group, the partnership of the firm. In our case, the journey was as important as the final product. Lee made that journey rich and engaging."

Nathalie Lachance, Director, Marketing and Communications