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We have worked with Shepell•fgi and its predecessor firm, Warren Shepell, for over eight years. First we developed a new brand identity for the company. As our relationship grew, Shepell asked us to help develop a brand strategy based on an expanding range of services that responded to the needs of large and mid-sized companies for outsourced human resources programs to support employees and management. When Shepell merged with one of its major competitors, FGI World, we developed a new way to communicate the power of an offering that combined employee assistance programs and workplace health and productivity solutions. We are also working on a brand and business alignment initiative with the senior management team.
To help deliver on the promise of health and productivity solutions we are working with Shepell•fgi on a series of projects that include mapping the customer journey and the marketing and sales process as well as a strategic alignment initiative with the senior leadership team. The success of the Shepell•fgi brand and business strategy resulted in the company’s acquisition in 2008 by Canada's premier human resources and benefits consulting firm.

Brand and marketing strategy and implementation, customer experience design, new product development, business model development and brand alignment

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Helping a category-defining company in employee assistance programs evolve from an entrepreneur-led organization to an industry innovator providing health and productivity solutions.


"Lee Jacobson Consultants have provided us with insightful and strategic business, brand and communications advice and results. In this role they have played an important part in helping us successfully re-position and communicate the value of our company as a leading provider of health and productivity solutions to organizations. This focus is the basis for the growth and expansion of our business from an entrepreneur-based culture to our recent acquisition by a publicly traded company, Morneau Sobeco."

Karen Seward, Senior Vice-President Business Development and Marketing, Shepell•fgi