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Sunlife Financial
Sun Life Financial is a Canadian success story. In North America, Asia and Europe, the company provides individuals and companies with products and services that help them to achieve "lifetime financial security." But Sun Life’s brand was quiet and not well defined. This hampered the company’s ability to tell its story across regions and affected not only its market share but its effectiveness in recruiting agents and partners.

Sun Life recognized the need for a compelling brand positioning on which to base business and marketing decisions. That was the first step. The second step was to work with our team to develop a brand positioning that was flexible enough to work across regions and multiple lines of business. We also helped Sun Life "retire" the Clarica brand and develop a series of related marketing and communications materials (including a guide to communications) targeted to customers and advisors.

Our work with a senior team and representatives across the company helped Sun Life articulate its value and define the core insights that help Sun Life create products and services that meet diverse markets needs. Our team designed and implemented a branding process and developed a brand with common key messages that are now being articulated in different ways around the world.
Brand strategy, brand-based communications, identity strategy
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Building a brand position for a global financial services company based on... insights into emerging customer needs, the competition, and the organization's unique DNA.

"For the first time in its 140-year history Sun Life has a BRAND POSITIONING. Thank you all for all your instrumental work... and the entire team's work, flexibility (as things evolved) and resilience."

Michel Leduc, Vice President Public and Corporate Affairs