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B.C. Gas had an identity problem. To customers and investors, the company's name indicated a regional, government-owned utility with a limited focus - far from the reality. The name didn't reflect the geographical reach (across western Canada, into the United States and internationally) or the wide range of businesses the company pursued (from gas and petroleum transportation and storage to municipal services and water). The result was a brand that didn't support the company's value, to either customers or the financial markets.

We developed a brand story focused on the company's role in "moving the molecules that support growth and innovation." This story highlights the complex business of connecting people safely and reliably to the energy commodities and services they depend on to run their homes and businesses.

This brand platform was the basis for a new name for the company. It has two parts - tera, meaning earth, and sen, from send. The name symbolizes the company's focus - the safe, secure and managed transportation of molecules across the earth for the benefit of producers, suppliers and users of energy. The visual identity builds on the idea of molecules.

In order to differentiate the parts of the company, we developed a brand architecture system that links the master brand name with the individual business units - some of which had existing equity in their names.

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A name and a brand that no longer reflect what a company does can have a negative impact on the perceptions of the value and performance of the company. We developed a new name to help tell a compelling brand story that built customer, community, employee and shareholder value.