Helping organizations create, strengthen and
align with their brands to create value.
Insights. Ideas. Results.
What We Do

Each client and each project has specific needs. We work with you to determine the best combination of deliverables and process that get results and buy-in.

Brand research
Whether it's extensive quantitative or qualitative research or a focused investigation with internal audiences or clients, we can help maximize value and insights from research. Working with our research partners, we develop research strategies and methodologies (including online techniques) that get the information and insights to build brands and confidently sell them to internal and external audiences.

Brand strategy and positioning
We connect business strategy and an organizationís opportunities for its brand. The result is a brand framework that articulates a compelling and deliverable promise of value to key audiences and outlines how that promise is proven.

Brand architecture
We help articulate the relationships between the different parts of an organization or its different products or services so that the total brand (or brands) communicate the role and value of each component.

Names, descriptors and taglines
We create names - for organizations, products, services. We also create the descriptors and taglines that communicate the promise, explain what the brand does and fill it with meaning.

Brand identity and environmental design
Working with our creative partners, we develop the core tangible identity elements that express a brand: logos, wordmarks, brand visual style and the product or environmental design where the brand lives.

Internal and External marketing and communications strategy, planning and implementation
We develop communications and marketing plans that can launch a new brand or keep an existing brand fresh and relevant. These plans include internal and external communications and media relations.

Brand-based communications
Using the brand strategy as the base, we develop the key messages that communicate the brandís value to key audiences both inside and outside the organization. We create marketing and communications in all media.

Brand training
We create interactive training programs that bring brands to life and serve as the basis for brand-based actions and behaviour.

Brand and organizational alignment
We help identify the areas where brand strategy comes to life. Equally important, we help identify changes to organizational structure, processes, products, services and communications that allow executives to effectively manage their brand portfolio and manage the ROB (return on branding).

Brand management
Brands have to be managed over time for consistency and to keep them fresh, relevant and top-of-mind. We create online and print brand management tools.